THRIFTING is my choice

Shopping is a real pleasure (especially if you’re a girl) but Thrifting is an whole other level.

 Urban dictionary

Thrifting :

When one visits several different thrift shops, second-hand shops, and vintage clothing stores in the hopes of buying several items of cheap and unusualclothing and other items. One usually does this with friends.

  Why thrift stores are awesome :

  •       It helps you to save your money.
  •       Thrift stores are an opportunity to develop your own unique sense of style.
  •       You can find items that are no longer made.
  •       It forces you to look outside the box.
  •       Thrifting is arguably the most local and sustainable form of commerce.

Finally i need to notice that thrifting can turn into a real passion and sometimes kind of an addiction so do not forget ” balance is the key”.

are you poor or just broke ?

“I can’t buy a car , im just poor” that’s one of many expressions and excuses that we use about our inability to do or buy some things.

But the reality is a bit different from that…

I used to consider myself as “poor” but i changed since i knew the difference between being broke , not having lots of money and being poor .

Just by writing you those words on my computer , in a house and some snacks beside me is enough to not consider myself as poor jut because i cant by some expensive stuff like the hight quality products or going on vacation to Ibiza.

Our society is pushing us to consume more and selling us the fake perfect lives all over social media so we find ourselves stuck with our doubts about our financial situation.

Everyone wants to earn money and have more control on their lives but first we need to be aware of our current situation and be more responsable of our thoughts and words .

So dear reader what do you think about our way of consuming and it’s effects on our pockets ?